Mayo Clinic

Noted as one of the top medical centers in the world, the Mayo Clinic serves thousands each year within their three beautiful facilities based throughout the United States. Mayo not only saved Shanna's life with their cancer treatments, but also offered some of the best surgeons in the world for the many surgical procedures she endured. Since finishing her treatments, Shanna continues to be seen in Mayo's long term follow-up clinic. In addition, Shanna spends much of her time working with a wide array of Mayo departments, coming alongside, volunteering with, and thanking them for all they do.

Prosthetic Laboratories

For more than a decade as an amputee, Shanna has been attended to by a company very dear to her heart. Based primarily out of Rochester, Minnesota, Prosthetic Laboratories gives hope and renewed mobility to people just like Shanna each and every day. She will be the first to tell you that their prosthetic skills and attention to detail are "top notch". She is proud to share her experiences based on their outstanding work, which has allowed her to be active in ways once never thought possible!

(Click here to see a video of Shanna)

Ronald McDonald House

The Ronald McDonald House of Rochester, Minnesota provides a "home away from home" and offers support to families seeking medical care for their children. Even though Shanna lived closed enough to the Mayo Clinic when receiving treatments that she didn't stay at the Ronald McDonald House, her heart is not far from this incredible organization. Many of the families that Shanna has befriended over the years have called the Ronald McDonald House their home. Because of the extended hours she has spent with families living at the house, she has come to call the Ronald McDonald House a home of hers as well.

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