Shanna Decker

What an interesting statement. You may be thinking, "That can't possibly be true." But what if it is? What if love is greater than all heartache and sorrow? What if there really is hope in an aching world that makes life worth living? What if love was all that you lived for? Would it win then?

Chances are, if you are inquiring about these questions or any of the like, you have crossed paths with Shanna Decker at some point in your life. Maybe it was in a hospital room or a medical center. Maybe you heard her speak on one of the many stages she has presented on, or met her biking down a quiet city street. Maybe someone just mentioned her in conversation, and you could not believe the story true. Regardless of how you came across her life, it probably made you stop and wonder: "How can someone who has lived such heartache have such passion for life?" Love, is the answer.

Hopefully, you are here because you are wondering if that same passion can enter your life. To find out, you are invited to have a look around. Learn more about a cancer survivor, determined amputee, veteran philanthropist, national speaker, and business woman who cannot let a moment pass her by. Let her experiences be a beacon to remind you that life is meant to be lived deeply, because love wins.

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