Defining Moments

Born and raised in a small town in Minnesota, Shanna Decker grew far beyond her years at the age of seven with the three words, "You have cancer." After spending much time in the hospital for chemotherapy, undergoing an amputation-like procedure called rotationplasty on her left leg, and the rehab that came with learning to be active again as a child, she returned home with her family. It was at this point that Shanna discovered something different within her spirit.

After seeing such sorrow walking through serious illness and its realities, Shanna and her family knew they could not return to a life far from cancer and its perspective. Almost immediately, they began devoting their time to visiting cancer patients and amputees of all ages at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. With each visit, a greater depth of passion was stirred within Shanna.

Since surviving her cancer, Shanna has made upwards of fifteen hundred personal patient visits providing hope to families and children from around the world. Because of her great love for others, she has been recognized with nine national awards for her volunteerism, and is the founder of her own project, "Hearts for Hope." Today, she continues her one-on-one mentorship and serves as an advocate for childhood cancer research with a number of national organizations.

Speaking since the tender age of eight, Shanna has grown into a prominent sought after professional speaker. "Her passion to see life through eyes the world longs for leaves listeners awe-struck with renewed hope for each day," an audience member recently said. What she lives each day becomes who she is. Her passion cannot be silenced as she steps onto stages or into hospital rooms, still to this day.

"Love one another deeply," is the motto adopted by this ever smiling dreamer. "Why," many wonder, "does she return to places where sorrow is so real?"

"Because it is proven over and over again when light shines in a dark place that hope is alive. We live in a world longing for someone to take the time to love deeply enough to be that hope. With the love I have seen in these dark places, I cannot diminish the hope that comes with a smile reminding me that love wins. I live, because love has brought hope to me. I live, and love, because love wins."
- Shanna Decker

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